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“I am very grateful for your work and the stories and insights you are bringing to the world. Since I found this community and your work I have felt very seen and welcome. Thank you 🌸☘️💛”
“❤️🥹❤️🥹❤️🥹❤️🥹 I am so happy to have found WAC and this amazing community!! Thank you for all that you do!!”
“Your work helps me every day to feel confident and empowered in my choice to remain childfree. You have helped me realise that I’m not ‘broken’ just because I am woman that doesn’t want kids. Thank you x”
“To be honest, WAC has helped me more than therapy!”
“WACF really helped me during a hard time. Not belonging anywhere and not meeting society's expectations was a pressure contributing to my poor mental health. I am now on the mend and have met some really nice new people so thank you!”
“I feel less alone and better equipped to handle others’ words and opinions.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”
“So grateful for this community that makes me feel seen and valued ❤️”
“You're such a force in our movement!! Brava!”
“Grateful to this community who supports the decisions of others. 💛”
“for the first time i could say it loud and clearly: i seek a different life and i’m looking forward to it. so thank you once again - you are making a difference 🧡”
“I finally feel like I am being validated through being honest with myself and others about the life I want for myself.”
“I am so glad you created this space, so we can all be loudly and joyfully childfree!”

Jana, Berlin

“Don’t stress about biology so much.”

Georgina, Berlin

“I feel that if I truly want to be happy, there's no space in my life for kids.”

Kat, Berlin

“The way I provide value to society is through comedy, not children.”

Devi, Berlin

“Having so much time on my hands for myself was a dream I never thought I would have.”

Sonia, Berlin

“I respect you for your choices, so respect me for mine.”


“It‘s my life and it‘s my only one.”

Ruth, 42, Austria

“I can’t stand the way social media has idealised motherhood at the expense of women and children.”

Jasmine, 39, Australia

“There's not one life path that fits all, so why do we sell the one path of parenthood to everyone?”

Megan, 33, Canada

“Having/not having kids is a choice and it’s very personal.”


“We live a full and colourful life of laughter, love and lunacy!”

Lucy, 38, UK

“I want to show the world that being childfree doesn't mean you don't like kids.”

Katie, 38, USA

“I grew up in the country where it is taught to girls that they have to be mothers in the future.”

Mira, 29, Argentina

“With time he has seen what it means to have kids and changed his mind.”

Zanna, 28, Sweden

“I never wanted to be mother, even when I was younger.”


“I finally got my tubes tied today.”

Jacqulyn, 28, USA

“I was never the girl to dream about my wedding or life as a mom.”

Laura, 44, USA

“I like children, they are the sweetest. But I don't feel emotionally equipped to raise one.”

Ana, 32, Argentina

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“My choice to be childfree is important to me, because I have a very special relationship with my body.”


“I am now 75, have never changed my mind and have never even had a broody moment.”


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“Don’t stress about biology so much.”

Jana, Berlin

Totes childfree!

Fur babies forever!

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The Childfree Tea


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Getting vulnerable, with Xander Marin

How a couple made the childfree choice together, and what it's meant for their life.

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What's more responsible than getting a tubal ligation because you know you don't have what it takes to be a good mother?

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Unfertilized eggs, with Jerra Latrice Mitchell

Meet a campaigner making space for childfree and childless women of colour.

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Finding acceptance, with Anna Brooke

A high school teacher's journey from circumstance to choice proves there are so many ways to be childfree.


Childfree myths busted


Childfree myths busted!

An Anthology of Lessons in Myths & Stories, by Dania Ayah Alkhouli

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Do childfree people regret their choice?

What does childfree regret really feel like?

Zoë Noble and James Glazebrook by Gene Glover for The Guardian


We are Childfree in the Guardian!

Bringing our message of inclusivity to the mainstream.

Sunny Olive


Getting ready to say Goodbye

No Regrets Tour Week 2


“Every childfree person deserves to feel seen, heard and connected to community.”