You Won’t Regret It!

We promise

Here’s your regular reminder that you won’t regret your childfree choice! 🙌
We recently posted this reel asking people if they’ve ever regretted their decision, and out of THOUSANDS of responses, less than 1% say they have 🤯
AND when we dug deeper into their responses, we found out that those people felt a kind of “cold regret”. That’s a wistful longing for what might have been, not the painful feeling that you’ve made the wrong decision.
It’s natural, pretty harmless, and pretty much the only kind of regret folks who make a conscious childfree choice ever feel. If you relate, you can read more about cold regret here.
Wherever you are on your journey, we just want you to live authentically and create the life that’s right for you. And when you do, we can promise you won’t regret it! 💝

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