Book Club: Women Without Kids

Join author Ruby Warrington for a live Q&A about her new, deeply personal and intensely political book.

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As Women Without Kids gets all the attention it deserves, we’re very excited to announce that the author, Ruby Warrington, is going to join us for a live Q&A!

Ruby’s a great supporter of We are Childfree, recently namedropping us on the I Weigh and Unspeakable podcasts, and Women Without Kids is an indispensable text that pushes our movement forward:

“Forgoing motherhood has traditionally marked a woman as “other”: the quirky girl, the neurotic career obsessive, the “eccentric” aunt. But instead of continuing to paint women without kids as sad, self-obsessed, or dysfunctional, what if instead we were seen as boldly forging a first-in-a-civilization vision for a fully autonomous womankind? Or as I ask, “What if being a woman without kids was in fact its own kind of legacy?”

Set against the backdrop of an unprecedented global reproduction slowdown, and taking in themes from intergenerational healing to feminism to environmentalism, this personal look and anthropological dig into a stubbornly taboo topic is a timely and radical reframing of everything it means not to be a mom. “The rising numbers of women without kids can be read as part empowerment, part self-preservation, and part birth-strike,” I write. “And whether we are childless by design or by circumstance, we can live without regret, shame, or self-doubt.”

Bold and tenderhearted, Women Without Kids unites the “unsung sisterhood” of non-mothers—no longer pariahs or misfits, but a natural part of our evolution and collective healing, as women, as human beings, and as a global family.”

Ruby’s looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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Sunday, May 14, 2023
8:00 PM -
9:00 PM CEST