Create Your Childfree
Life Vision

A live masterclass to help you manifest your dream childfree future

Have you ever been told you’ll be lonely and unfulfilled if you don’t have children? Or struggled to imagine a future that doesn’t have kids in it? That’s why we’re creating a special masterclass that will help you create your own personal childfree life vision, and:

  • Gain independence from society’s norms and pressures to focus on what you really want from your life
  • Visualise and manifest the life you want to lead, and feel empowered to move into your childfree future
  • Find clarity and direction to help you make decisions and pursue your life with purpose

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Hey, I'm Zoë!

Hey lovely! I’m Zoë, childfree coach, community builder and founder of We are Childfree, the most uplifting childfree space on the Internet! I’ve been helping childfree folks since 2017, sharing your stories, learning from your experiences and sharing life lessons through inspiring content and community events. I can’t wait to help you manifest your dream childfree future!

Zoe Portrait

Zoë Noble


I'm a photographer, storyteller, founder and feminist.

I started We are Childfree with a camera and a dream, never imagining that my personal project would have the power to change people’s lives.

I always knew I didn’t want children, but I felt alone in my feelings and scared to live my truth. Growing up, I didn’t see anyone like me in my life or in the media. And when I heard women without kids described as cold, selfish and career-obsessed, I worried people would think the same about me.