We are Childfree is a global community celebrating childfree lives, sharing our stories and creating space for others to do the same. Normalising the childfree choice is a crucial step in empowering everyone, everywhere, to live authentically. And that starts with your story.

Help empower childfree lives!

When you share your experiences, you're helping to represent the diversity of our childfree community. And you're letting other people know that they're not alone, their choices are valid, and they too can live the life that's right for them. You can choose to remain anonymous, or take a public stand, and even apply to be featured as a We are Childfree podcast or portrait - whatever you are comfortable with. Thanks so much for sharing!

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A little bit about yourself

We love to celebrate the diversity of our community! This info helps us show that people of all ages, everywhere, are choosing to live childfree.

Along with your story, we'll share your Name, Age and Country (we'll only use the Town/City when we're planning trips to take portraits, and only use your Email to contact you about this). And if you aren't able to take a public stand, you can always choose to share your story anonymously, and we won't publish any of these identifying details. Your story is still valid!

Share your story*

Here's where you get to share the story of your childfree life! To help you get going, here are some questions to consider:

  • Where are you at on your childfree journey?
  • How did you get here? Are you childfree by choice, by circumstance, or are you still making up your mind?
  • Have you always known you wouldn't have children, or is this a more recent realisation?
  • What reasons did you consider when making this decision?
  • How do you live your best childfree life? What has your decision meant for your life? What has it allowed you to do?

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing!

Would you like to be featured on the We are Childfree podcast or as a portrait?*

Podcasts and portraits are a great way to tell our stories in more detail, in our own voices, accompanied by lovely photos! When time and travel allows, we'll continue to create this life-changing content, so just let us know if you'd like to be featured.

Do you belong to a marginalised group?*

We're focused on reflecting the diversity of the childfree community, and are especially interested in speaking to different kinds of people, with different stories to tell. If you're older, have a disability, are part of a marginalised racial group, don't identify as a cis woman, or otherwise don't see your experience represented on We are Childfree, let us know!
(This helps us decide who to feature in a podcast or portrait - if you answer “No”, your story will still go live on our website.)

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