When we share our stories, we create space for others to do the same. Normalising the childfree choice is a crucial step in empowering all of us to live authentically. And that starts with your story.

“There’s more to life than being a mom.”


“I believe we all have an individual journey, and that journey is divine.”

Jen, 42, USA

“How could I possibly know anything about raising children?”

Sabrina, 42, USA

“I hope one day we see a world where women aren’t judged on the contents of their womb, but on their own accomplishments.”

Laur, 26, USA

“We don’t need to have a child to ‘start a family’.”

Rachel, 30, Australia

“I would feel sad and jealous every time I saw a woman with a newborn. It was such a toxic time.”

Rana, 36, Sweden

“‘Losing’ friends one after another forced me to think again about my natural feeling of not wanting to have children.”

Monika, 35, Norway

“I had some shame and difficulty admitting this out loud.”

Maurice, 47, USA

“I'm from a very supportive African family. They just want me to be happy which I am.”

Lindi, 34, South Africa

“I don’t feel pressure or have kids but I do feel pressured to caveat my decision by saying that I like children.”