When we share our stories, we create space for others to do the same. Normalising the childfree choice is a crucial step in empowering all of us to live authentically. And that starts with your story.

“Now I’m thinking, ‘What if I have children and regret it?’”


“Growing up all I heard is ‘you’re going to be a great mum’.”

Megan, 25, UK

“I was raised in a subculture where marriage/babies were the pinnacle of life.”

Cait, 47, USA

“My childfree journey is by no means over. I feel it has just begun.”

Rits, 41, USA

“This is how I would love it to be for everyone! Choice without pressure.”

Gabby, 46, UK

“The first 30 years were for others; the next chapter is for me.”

Jenna, 31, USA

“I don't know where this nomadic life will take me.”

Hillary, 39, USA

“Most of all I just do not see myself as a mother.”

Kristina, 35, Austria

“We do not miss what we never had.”


“My main reason for being childfree is mental health.”