When we share our stories, we create space for others to do the same. Normalising the childfree choice is a crucial step in empowering all of us to live authentically. And that starts with your story.

“Will I regret or change my mind? I might or I might not.”

Endola, 34, Phillipines

“I felt that to fit in I was going to have to endure the horror of having a child.”

Emily, 28, UK

“I do hate that I feel like I failed at living up to the childfree ideal.”

JoAnna, 46, USA

“I fully knew the risk of my surgery, but quite frankly I was willing to die for it.”


“Never had the desire at any point in my life to have children.”

Cecilia, 43, USA

“The ‘Bible Belt’ taught me I had one option, but being childfree gives me many.”

Savannah, 27, USA

“Societally, the pressure is enormous.”

Rachal, 38, USA

“It’s the quiet freedoms that make a childfree life a good one.”


“The worst heartbreak turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Tessa, 22, USA

“It means the world to now understand myself.”

Kathrin, 37, Germany