When we share our stories, we create space for others to do the same. Normalising the childfree choice is a crucial step in empowering all of us to live authentically. And that starts with your story.

“My best friend is having her first baby and I will be serving as her postpartum doula.”

Lily, 30, USA

“We are building our life of freedom that holds room for both grief and joy.”

Cally, 37, USA

“I love that I can freely decide every day, how my day will look like.”

Ariane, 36, Portugal

“Everyone keeps saying I’ll change my mind but I do not want to conform to traditional norms and just have kids for the sake of it.”

Joelle, 21, South Africa

“Now I’m free to pursue the life I want to lead.”

Sophie, 38, UK

“Bringing a life into the world would be prison for me.”


“I was raised by a strong single mother who raised me to believe that I can do whatever I want.”

Patricia, 44, UK

“I ultimately get the last laugh because we are free to live any way we please!”

Darcie, 39, USA

“What I’ve needed to do all along is to give permission to myself, to not have kids.”

Faye, 41, UK

“My life has been an unusual one! My biggest goal in life is to inspire people.”