Unfertilized eggs, with Jerra Latrice Mitchell

Meet a campaigner making space for childfree and childless women of colour.

Episode 26


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Jerra Latrice Mitchell is such an inspiration! She knew she was a teenager that she didn’t want kids, but later when she was diagnosed with fibroids and learned she couldn’t get pregnant, that brought up some big emotions that she needed to work through. Recognising that black women face different expectations around motherhood, and different experiences of infertility, Jerra created a space for other childfree and childless women called Unfertilized Eggs. When she’s not campaigning and creating community, Jerra loves to be involved in children’s lives, whether it’s as a proud auntie or through her work in education. And she’s always quick with a clapback, especially for the men she encounters while dating as a childfree women. I loved getting a fresh perspective on life without children, from someone who’s doing incredible work in this space.

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