Dreaming of utopia, with Laura Zalenga

One artist's inspiring vision of a future full of choice and community.

Episode 30

Laura Zalenga We are Childfree podcast


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Like a lot of artists, Laura Zalenga is a dreamer. She imagines a future when generations live together, so the older people she met during her “Beauty of Age” portrait project feel useful, and younger folks can benefit from their experience and wisdom. In this utopia, childfree people and parents support each other, and everyone has access to the education and choices that allow them to live the life that’s right for them. What a wonderful world that would be! This was a super inspiring conversation with a fellow photographer who reminded me of the power of art to change how people think, how they live.

Find Laura at laurazalenga.com and follower here on Instagram at @laurazalenga.

Her incredible “Beauty of Age” Adobe Creative Residency project can be found at beautyofage.myportfolio.com

And the podcast episode she mentioned is Sterilised at 23, with Daniela Echeverry from season 1 of We are Childfree.

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