“We live our best childfree life every. single. day.”

Renee, 33, USA

I am ALMOST 33 years old and have known since I was a teenager that I did not want children. I grew up in a somewhat unstable home and raised with my siblings by our paternal grandparents.

I met my partner when we were 17 and began dating when were 18-19 years old. All throughout our dating and as we grew more serious we both began dropping subtle hints to each other about children and how we didn’t want them. As we began talking about marriage and what that would look like I finally bluntly told him, I don’t want children, this is something I feel very strongly about and I do not believe that my mind will ever change and he just looked SO relieved. He agreed that he felt the same way!

We both agreed that having children isn’t something that you should just try out or do it and see how it goes, we agreed that to always be honest and let each other know if we changed our minds but neither of us have ever considered it for more than a moment throughout the years. Now after being together for nearly 15 years and 8 years of marriage we couldn’t be more satisfied and content with our choice to not have children. I have an IUD and he’s exploring options for a vasectomy this upcoming year.

We live our best childfree life out every. single. day. We are both passionate about our careers and enjoy spending our time away from work together trying new things and visiting new places! We frequently pick a place to visit and just drop everything and go. We also can’t help but notice how obtainable our retirement goals are because we aren’t spending a ton of money on child care and general child costs.