“I remain truly grateful to have had the choice to live a Childfree Life!”

Rachael, 67, USA

I knew as a child that I did not want to be a mother.

I was given dolls to play with, but I was less interested in dolls than in child-size toy houses. I would imagine myself cooking or doing some household task, with an imaginary husband in the background. I never imagined having children though.

When older, I was given a Barbie doll, a Ken doll and an early Barbie doll house. I had Barbie and Ken doing some very adult activities, but never did the activities involve having children.

When I met my wonderful husband, Bob, we got along marvellously and decided to marry, but we never discussed the issue of children. Later in the marriage I decided to declare my intentions to remain childfree, and to my huge relief, Bob felt exactly the same!

Being childfree allowed us to fully pursue the careers we wanted – something that was very important to each of us – as well as to buy homes and nice clothes and cars. We might never have been able to afford these things if we had reproduced ourselves instead and struggled to make a living here in high-cost-of-living California. We were also able to build a nice “nest egg” with which to retire very comfortably, and after death will still have money left in our Trust to donate to our favorite charities.

After 45 years of knowing one another (42 of which are in matrimony), we remain best friends and lovers, and are completely satisfied with our lives together. Do I ever have a sense of regret about not having children? Of having missed out on something important? Not at all!! I love my life as I live it, and remain truly grateful to have had the choice to live a Childfree Life!