“Society makes us feel like we have no choice but to reproduce.”

Cynthia, 35, UK

I decided at 30 that I was definitely childfree. My husband and I got marred at 28 and I thought a child would come a bit further down the line after we had enjoyed a few more childfree years.

Growing up I’d never really been that fussed about children. The idea of noisy, small humans and lack of sleep really didn’t appeal but I guess I thought that a switch would flick at some point and that I’d suddenly want them. Society makes us feel like we have no choice but to reproduce.

For me that flick of a switch never came, as my friends had their children I felt even less drawn to the idea of parenthood and so did my husband. I saw women sacrificing theirselves, their hobbies, their life for their children. I just didn’t see myself being happy giving up so many things that I loved. I began appreciating my lifestyle a lot more, the lie-ins, my gym classes and most of all travel!

At the time the state of the world didn’t play into my decision to remain childfree but as the years pass I am also very aware of how the planet is changing. I’m really glad I decided to make the choice not to bring a human into what I consider a pretty messed up, unequal world.

Being childfree has allowed myself and my husband to take up new hobbies, we are currently learning to surf. This requires time, commitment and money as we are both determined to improve. I know things like this just wouldn’t be possible with small kids at home. We also just love to travel, last year we took 4 weeks leave from work to go to French Polynesia, a 24 hour flight from the UK, I could not have imagined doing that with a baby or small child.

I know we are lucky as a couple to have the resources to lead a happy, adventurous life. Life is too short not to live it to the full while you are able to. I am so glad that we chose not to have children, anyone who has doubts really should be encouraged to consider all their options. It’s a shame we live in a society that still views the childfree as selfish, odd people.