“I see the world as a messed up place.”


First of all, I’ve never dreamt about getting married and have children – unlike my friends. I do have a boyfriend for over ten years, he wishes to be childfree as well, thank God!

This might have to do something with my own childhood. There are many reasons why I don’t want any children of my own.

As a young child myself I have been (sexually) abused for over several years. This happened at my own house, as well a friend’s house. This made me realise that you could never fully protect a/your child. I have trust issues because of this. And knowing that, as we speak, there are children being molested, abused etcetera in this very moment, makes me beyond sick.

I see the world as a messed up place. Maybe I’m pessimistic but I think it’s reality. Humanity is doomed, the world suffers due to climate change, there is a pandemic, the economics/housing sucks and so on… I’m afraid it will only get worse. So because of this I don’t want to contribute to an already overpopulated world.

It’s also hard for me to react genuinely happy for my pregnant friends. I just can’t because I just don’t understand.. I’m fearing for their happiness, health and future – I just don’t believe it’s going to be a bright one.