“I’m not only successful, I’m satisfied; I’m happy.”

Sarah, 32, USA

Thank you for creating a space for women like us. I finally feel SEEN. Losing a parent at 12 probably helped fuel my choice early on, but I’ve never wanted children. I enjoy my own company and the peacefulness that comes along with it. I’m sorry I’m not sorry!

Over the years, adults, mainly other women, would say, “you’ll change your mind. Just wait until you meet someone…” I’m here to say loudly that having a child is my choice, and there is no man, regardless of how grandiose our love, that can influence this choice.

Like many others, I take great pride in being an aunt – influencing and building trust with my nieces and nephews in a way their parents simply cannot.

So if no children, how empty a life I must lead, right? No. I focus on what’s mattered most to me: being successful in my career. I started young and hungry at 17 and never looked back. I hold two degrees in my field of choice, one from an Ivy League institution. At 32, I’ve had dream work experiences all over the place and I assure you I’m only getting started. I’m not only successful, I’m satisfied; I’m happy.