“The fact that I may have never kids gives me a sense of peace.”

Anastasia, 24, Greece

I am a woman in uniform in the Greek armed forces.

Since I was a little girl I have never imagined myself as a mum. As I was growing up and as I expressed my thoughts with my family and friends I always received the same awful and disrespectful feedback: You are too young to know. When you get older you will change your mind.

I am sure that this is the case for almost every woman who is choosing or she is considering to make this decision for her life. Also I am sure that for also a lot of women or people in general age is the problem and as they get older, they decide to start their own family.

However this is not my case. I don’t know why but the fact that I may have never kids gives me a sense of peace because I know that in this life (since we only live one life) I want to focus on me on the things I want to do, to travel, to see and meet people and also concentrate at other things.

Sometimes it is very frustrating and makes me more sad than angry. It makes me angry because if I wanted to have children nobody would question me. And now everyone feels that he/she should share their own personal experience about how they had a friend or a family member or even they refer to themselves about the fact that they didn’t want family or kids and now they are super happy… well I am sorry, this is not the case. I am very happy for people that find joy having kids, but I don’t and I think that I will never be able to find that strength to make this decision and bring a person into this mess we call a world.

I believe society and people in general are very inconsiderate about the things they say and they don’t understand the impact of those things. I believe that we deserve a more understanding society. A society that will accept the fact that women are not supposed and forced to have kids because they anatomically and biologically can. It is a choice and we have a choice.

We must have a choice. We should have a choice.