“When we decided to be childfree, the dark cloud lifted.”

Claire, 36, Thailand

My husband and I decided 5 years ago to pursue a childfree life.

We had always expected that we would have kids and were planning on trying later that year when my maternity rights kicked in. The nearer we got to it, the more a dark cloud formed over me.

We went to a family wedding in an exciting place and our beautiful two year old niece made us realise that travel would never be the same again. We came back and took a look around, we looked at the lives of parents and realised that this lifestyle really didn’t interest us.

At this point, for the first time, we started to have a disposable income for travel and joining a nice gym. Though we were by no means rich, we weren’t struggling anymore, a child would have changed that.

After six weeks of reading, thinking, discussing, seeking information online about what a childfree life would even look like, we decided to be childfree; the dark cloud lifted.
Since then my husband has been able to pursue his career in green energy, off-shore and we moved with my job to Thailand. I’m a passionate linguist and have learnt French and continue to learn Thai.

I work out 5 times a week and won a competition in my gym! When my husband is in Thailand, he spends his days playing music, at the gym, by the pool and we go on holiday every 6 weeks. We both play beach volleyball and spend hours at nice brunches, parties and sometimes spend weekends by the pool reading a book or watch TV at home.

This is our life and we have no regrets.