“I love how free I am and how flexible I can keep my life.”


I’ve always been kind of ambiguous about wanting children. I do however feel myself in the last few years becoming more firm on the childfree stance. And I’m now fully there.

People are often quite shocked. I work with children and have worked with teens also. I love it. I love kids. I specialized in child and adolescent psychology in grad school. But I just don’t want any of my own.

People tell me I’d make a great mother and they’re probably right. I just don’t want to. I love my life. I love how free I am and how flexible I can keep my life. And I’m so incredibly thankful that I’ve never accidentally gotten pregnant (been on birth control half of my life so it wasn’t a big chance but you never know), especially when I was feeling more ambiguous about it because I probably would have completed a pregnancy during that stage.

There’s definitely an increased sense of freedom and relief once I actually thought and reflected on being childfree. And took a stance. I just don’t think that having a child will increase my happiness or make my life better. Only I can do that.