“I have the power and have taken control of this narrative.”

Lauren, 30, USA

I am currently childfree by choice and by sterilization and a partial hysterectomy. At the age of 28 I chose to have my tubes removed due to already needing a surgery and wanting to be childfree my whole life. My OB-GYN who is a true hero did not hesitate to give ME the option. Two years later for health reasons I needed a partial hysterectomy and woke up without a womb so I truly could no longer carry a child.

I always knew I didn’t want children from a young age. Since that’s “abnormal” for a woman and the home I grew up in I’ve always struggled with this fact. But I also know I have the power and have taken control of this narrative.

The main things I considered was what kind of life did I want? I don’t desire to instil values and hopes and dreams into another person. I much prefer to work on myself and learn to love who I am and who I can be in the future.

My best child life is with my dog Milo. He’s the best child I could ever ask for and he is the love of my life.

This decision has made people question my judgement. It’s made people look at me differently but only I know my innermost thoughts. It has been a rollercoaster and will continue to be one, but being able to share my story is truly a dream.