“I’ve always been considered exotic for this.”


I knew it from my childhood.

I have always been a curious spirit, I wanted to know the world and to understand the system of power and decision, to understand people, to understand myself, to be able to make my contribution in my own terms, to be able to help, to experiment.

I never felt the need to have children. But I felt other needs – the need to help, the need for knowledge, the need for freedom, the need for evolution, passion and love without prejudice and rules.

I’ve always been considered exotic for this – people can’t really digest when I’m talking about my choice, my ideas. I always tell them that I’m more and nothing can change that. I can help a child, inspire, advise. But I don’t feel the need to have a child.

It is everyone’s right to choose whether or not having children. we still live in a society where such a choice is a stigma. The most often question is “are you not afraid of being alone/ die alone?” and my answer is always the same: we all die alone :) We celebrate a woman when she gives birth, but not a woman who celebrates herself.

Having a childfree life makes me aware of everything. I can be myself without restrictions. I can be be happy. I can be sad when I feel to be. I can dream, I can travel, I can take care of myself (body/ mind/ soul), I can have my own rhythm, I can worry about the world and try to find a solution, can understand better what is around me, I can enjoy people more, I can learn something everyday, I can love and live without feeling guilty :)