“I don’t want to be prisoner of destiny.”

Rigika, 30, Czech Republic

As a woman with many hobbies and ambitions it would be impossible to raise a kid. I admit I am not the person who likes to sacrifice my life for others. I simply want to live my life as I decide and I don’t want to be prisoner of destiny.

I felt since I was 5 years old I never wanted to become a parent. I remember when I said to my mom, she said “It’s your choice, you don’t have to have kids”. I was saying, “Thank God my future is not going to be bleak”.

When you become a parent it’s easy to fall deep into poverty and debt because you need to feed yourself and the child. That’s why I think abortions and sterilisations should be covered by public health insurance, I think this is one step to fight poverty in the world.