“I am a Latinx, queer, nonbinary, pro-choice, childfree Christian.”

Naiomi, 32, USA

I am a Latinx, queer, nonbinary, pro-choice, childfree Christian. And my faith empowers me to be childfree. I want to share my story to let others, especially those who identify as Christians, know that one can have faith and still be loudly and proudly childfree.

When I was around 12/13 years old three major things happened: I decided to become a Christian, I realized I was queer, and I realized I was childfree. However, the only version of Christianity I was exposed to, was one in which queer people were treated as abnormal and women (and those perceived to be women), were expected to submit to their husbands.

Yet, I knew I never wanted children. Children were hard work and I knew that the brunt of taking care of the children would fall on me. I would most likely be expected to do the majority of the housework, take care of the kids, and because of the nature of US economic system, I would probably still have to work full time outside of the house. My life would revolve around caring for other people.

But in college, I majored in religious studies and was exposed to a whole world of Christian theology. I befriended pastors and attended churches that affirmed my queerness and who valued children as human beings but didn’t view having them as the sole purpose of our life. After all, most Christians believe Jesus was childfree, so it doesn’t make sense to demonize those of us who do not want children. If the central figure of our religion didn’t have children, why should I?

Being childfree has been fantastic. I am a professional nerd, so it has enabled me to get a BA, and three master’s degrees. I am currently looking into Doctorate in Ministry programs for the future. Being childfree has enabled me to do service programs in which I live in community with others, get a small stipend, and volunteer at a service site full time. I would never have been able to do that in terms of time or money if I had children.