“I wanted out of this heavy environment. I wanted more.”


I was born and raised in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria.

The women in my family had many children and operated from strong masculine energies, meaning they weren’t able to be the supportive, encouraging and nourishing type of mothers portrayed everywhere. I felt that they were overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, impatient, angry, unhappy – in short, miserable. Always complaining.

There was a lot of pressure on the children to be strong, independent, work hard and fulfil expectations. I often felt unwanted and like a burden, just existing and functioning and not living life to the fullest. So I promised myself to not create the same kind of unhappy family.

I wanted out of this heavy environment. I wanted more. More freedom, adventure, individualism and excitement. So I left and traveled the world.

I love children and their creativity and surround myself with them working as a nanny and teacher. However, I know I am here to support and help their growth and not bring my own into this world. My goal is to be the mentor for them that I didn’t have growing up. To encourage them to be free, follow their hearts and create their dream lives instead of following the program brainwashed into them like I did most of my life.

It takes a village to raise a child. I am part of the village embracing my uniqueness and own inner voice more than what society tells me to do just because I am female.

It is hard sometimes to be unmarried and childfree in one’s 40s, there is gossip and judgement, however it’s my life and I hope to meet a freedom-loving man I can share adventures with in the future who gets me and my point of view.

I am working on letting go of my victim mind set, I know life happens for us not to us and everything I felt and experienced made me the strong person I am today.

I am grateful for all my lessons learned because they make me a better leader for the younger generations coming after us.