“I have always loved my freedom.”

Patricia, 49, Mexico

I have been reading other childfree community members’ experiences lately and it always amazes me how similar our stories are, no matter our culture, country or age.

People never believed me when I told them I never wanted to get married or have any children. They always answered “the time will come and you’ll change your mind”. Well, it hasn’t come yet and I turned 49 just yesterday!

My childhood was great, I was a happy adventurous kid who always preferred to climb trees rather than playing with dolls. Actually, I hated when I was left at my cousin’s houses, because she loved playing “family” or marrying her dolls… it bored me to death.

When I reached my 20s-30s my friends and family always asked me about my future plans, and I would always answer with a huge smile “none”. The only thing I never liked was being judged by strangers as soon as they knew I was single and childfree. Now, it amuses me. =)

I have always loved my freedom. I’ve had as many boyfriends as I wanted, and I’ve moved to as many places as I’ve wanted as well. I have tried different countries, different cultures. I studied 2 university careers, a diplomat and languages. I have traveled. I have partied, I have been able to stay in bed whole weekends or to decide last-minute trips or movings without worrying about anything but bringing my dog with me.

My friends now approach me and tell me they secretly envy my lifestyle… they love their kids, would never regret about having them but…. but they would love to be free from time to time, not to be tied to school schedules, not to travel only in summer -winter vacations when everybody else is travelling, having to stay home on Tuesday nights “because kids have school tomorrow”…

I find myself answering young women questions about me regretting my decision, and I can only tell them “not yet, and not sure I will ever will!”