“Our future seems so much brighter.”

Beth, 28, Spain

Ever since my husband and I made the decision to not have children, we’ve both felt a great weight lifted off our shoulders. Our future seems so much brighter and filled with endless opportunities and freedom.

My childfree journey began when I moved abroad, began therapy and finally cut ties with my toxic parents and entire family. I finally started to think about what I truly wanted in life. I came to the realisation that I really did not want children, ever.

Both my husband and I are teachers and neither of us ever want to come home from a long day with other people’s children to more children of our own. We have two adorable cats (or “fur babies”) whom we love very much.

Another factor that has influenced us is that among our friends who have children, it came as quite a shock to us when several of them opened up about regretting their decision. It really broke our hearts to see how incredibly hard it is for them to come to terms with such a life-changing “mistake”.

Of course other friends of ours are very happy with their children, and we are very happy for them and completely respect their decision, as long as they respect ours. I believe everyone must not only be free to make their own decisions in life, free of judgement, but must also think carefully about what they truly want beforehand. Deciding to have children is an irreversible, life-changing decision that should be taken much more seriously than it is by a lot of people.