“Until you accept yourself, any external factor can become a likely cause of anxiety.”

Giulia, 39, Italy

Meetings and teachers (not school teachers) have played a major role in my life.

This is how I met theatre, writing and a couple of people who contributed to my rebirth, at 31, and to the real perception of me in the world.

In all the roads I have travelled, I have never felt a push towards motherhood but until I was 31 I lived the anxiety of the pressure of society and of the people around me; I did not know what was right to do. Until you accept yourself, any external factor can become a likely cause of anxiety.

It is therefore not only the responsibility of external factors to feel out of place, even if the childfree choice is not well received. It is not talked about enough and there is no education, neither verbal nor emotional. I find that the stumbling block in communication and verbal violence mainly come from the female gender.

By natural disposition I find no satisfaction in dedicating time to the growth of a single individual. I find it limiting. I am dedicated to the community of the city where I live, where I manage a cultural centre and where I have the opportunity to have experiences with many people of all ages.

There’s so much left to do to reveal the childfree concept in the world. To pursue self-consciousness is the greatest gift that we, as human beings, can make to ourselves and to the world, and is the thing that can get us closer to happiness.