“Best decision I ever made.”

Shweta, 38, Australia

Clarity of thought is something I was innately blessed with since childhood, and one of the many decisions it led me to making and sticking firmly to to date is to be childfree, something I embarked upon since the day I was born (ironically).

It goes back to the whole nature vs nurture element, where I feel I was genetically wired to choose this path, however, the sexist, patriarchal, religious, conservative Southern Asian culture I was exposed to where women had no identities or independence was the main driving force behind my choice.

Fortunately, I’m not the first childfree person in my family hence I’ve got zero pushback or judgement for it – in fact my parents are my biggest supporters.

Besides not wanting to give up my identity or independence, my mental health, anti-natalism, how much I value my freedom, flexibility and autonomy also contribute to my choice.

Being childfree has enabled me to focus on healing and self care, travel to 42 countries, and change careers including recently venturing into entrepreneurship. I have a happy family with my childfree partner and dog, and a local community of childfree/childless women in my city with whom I socialise regularly and have made lifelong friendships. I contribute to childfree podcasts, conventions, conferences, YouTube channels and serve as a role model for the younger generation to be intentional and conscious about their life choices without feeling pressured to conform to social norms.

Best decision I ever made.