“There’s more to life than being a mom.”


I’m a 19 year old female. My childhood wasn’t that great which gave me a different perspective on many things. It did make me stronger and realize stuff that many will not. I always wonder why people want children, especially their biologically own. A child is a child. If you love children that much, why not adopt? So many kids are suffering and don’t have parents. No, but people specifically want a mini version of themselves?

I can’t think of something worse than having children, honestly. Losing your freedom and carelessness to name a few. To carry responsibility for a human life until you’re dead, not until they’re 18 and moving out (what most people think weirdly enough). No, it’s your job to be there for them, until you die. You chose to have kids, not them. You will sacrifice your life and eventually not getting anything back in return. You will always have to put your child first and you second. We live in a selfish society and your child will grow up in a world where it’s always me-first. We live in times where there isn’t a good quality of life for future generations, let alone for generations like me. Why can’t people realize this? Climate change (which is caused by overpopulation), evil governments, disease etc. I cry inside every time I see a newborn, knowing how much they’ll suffer and have to deal with because their parents were selfish and naive and couldn’t think clearly because their primal urge to procreate was so big that nothing mattered. Is it so hard for people to use their common sense? We are not rabbits that don’t know any better, right?

I hate how motherhood is being sugar-coated, while I see it as the most women-degrading thing she can do. Her body will go to trash and most of the time her career is over and she’ll end up being a stay-at-home-mom, to sacrifice herself. Why study? Eventually women are the one that have to carry the most on their shoulders for the kids; it’s just a biological fact. For men it’s easier. If you’re fine with that, I don’t think it’s righteous to whine about women not having equal rights. It’s contradicting. Society wants you to have children. It’s a man’s world. I think I have an answer to why so many women with kids get a midlife crisis. Because they discovered they skipped something called ‘living’. That there’s more to life than being a mom.