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“I’m on the “fence” but have found so much comfort from your page…. it makes me feel more calm to eventually make my mind up one way or the other. Thank you again!”
“I am not sure yet and this community helps me to know whatever I choose is the right decision and I love you for that💛”
“I am SO grateful to have found your cause and mission! There are no words to describe my appreciation and joy in finding you!”
“I’m not sure yet whether being a biological mother is something I want, but this community has done a lot for me in showing the different routes and options. Regardless my decision, it will help me make an informed one and not one based on fear/convention.”
“What you are doing is so absolutely wonderful and you are honestly making SUCH a difference for SO many people. Thank you!!!!”
“i love the We are Childfree community, it builds bridges. Which is what we need, not more walls. 😘”
“Big fan of your podcast. Thank you so much for all the work you do for the CF community.”
“I love this channel, the podcast and everything. I wish you all the best and I really wish this would be a worldwide phenomenon 👍👍”
“AMEN!! Thank you SO MUCH for this! It has changed my life ❤️”


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