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“Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re making such a huge difference!”
“It’s great that this community is here to support and cheer each other on, it’s a safe place where we can share our thoughts. I feel less alone because of it.”
“Thank you so much for sharing these stories with everyone. They are giving me permission to live a life of my own creation. So much gratitude for all you do❤️”
“After two years of being part of this community I feel more than okay. I have accepted my path and the fact that others are gonna chose their own and it’s okay. ”
“Thank you for these messages. They are comforting, empowering, and validating. Keep it up!”
“I have discovered my own voice through the stories shared on your platform. I have become more confident in my lifestyle and every story inspires me to stay true to myself. This community has made me feel normal and free to live in my truth.”
“Thank you for the amazing work you do. You are true heroes.”
“Healed so many of my insecurities around being childfree. You bring up subjects that have made me uncomfortable before, and help to wash away those feelings each time.”
“Thank you so much for creating and sustaining this community. Sometimes i have doubts about the wisdom of my choice and you always support me.”


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