We are Childfree in the Guardian!

Bringing our message of inclusivity to the mainstream.

Zoë Noble and James Glazebrook by Gene Glover for The Guardian

Have you ever felt judged or misunderstood for choosing to be childfree? Or maybe you’ve faced infertility issues and struggled to come to terms with the idea that your future may not look the way you had always envisioned? If so, you’re not alone.

That’s the message that came through loud and clear in The Guardian, which recently featured We are Childfree in its Saturday supplement and Today in Focus podcast. Journalist and friend of WAC Helen Pidd shared her journey through infertility, which brought her back to Berlin, to one of our wonderful meetups, and into the warm embrace of our open-minded, inclusive community.

Helen’s article is raw and relatable, and has done so much to bring our message of positivity and hope to the mainstream. It’s touched so many people and opened up a conversation that’s long overdue, about the place of folks who once wanted children in childfree spaces. We started this project to create a space where people feel understood and supported, so whether you’re childfree by choice, circumstance or just curious, you’re welcome here!


We’re so grateful to Helen for being so open, Glen Glover for the stunning photographs, and anyone who found us through The Guardian. Thank you for being part of this movement!

Zoë Noble and James Glazebrook by Gene Glover for The Guardian
Zoë Noble by Gene Glover for The Guardian

Photos by Gene Glover
Words by James Glazebrook