We are Childfree is in the New York Times!

Wow, what an honour! The New York Times featured We are Childfree, first in their “In Her Words” newsletter, then on their website, and finally in the Style section of the newspaper itself. It was such a thrill seeing our portraits in print, putting a face to this growing global movement.

In “Women Who Say No To Motherhood”, Mary Katharine Tramontana frames our stories in the context of the increasing popularity of the childfree choice, the climate crisis and feminism’s critique of strict gender roles. She includes our Guen, Lise and Marcy, alongside of childfree icons like Meghan Daum, set against pro-natalist puppets like Ivanka Trump and the Pope.

The article about We are Childfree was the most engaged-with story on the day of publication, and received hundreds of thousands of Instagram likes, more than any other NYT post that week. Most importantly, it brought many of you to us – in the days following the article’s release, we received thousands of comments and messages from childfree people who finally felt seen, heard and part of our community.

The world is watching, and, for the first time, seeing us for who we really are.