Helping childfree people and parents do their best work together

“Put the spotlight on the big elephant in the room. Talking openly about this topic showed childfree women that we are not alone and there's nothing wrong or ‘less’ about us.”


“I’m on a mission to build bridges between parents and non-parents.”


I’ve created a community of over 70,000 childfree people who wish that their choice was accepted and embraced, at home and at work.

I’ve experienced first-hand what it’s like to feel “othered”, undervalued and dismissed for my decision not to have children. So when childfree people told me that they don’t enjoy the same workplace benefits, opportunities or flexibility as parents, I knew I could help.

Companies like Zalando and Reckitt (the makers of Durex!) tell me that our workshops have opened up new channels of communication between their employees, encouraged mutual understanding and respect, and led to greater team collaboration.

How does it feel to be childfree at work?

1 in 2

women aged 30 and under don’t have kids​


of childfree people feel like they’ve been treated differently at work​


have felt friction with the parents they work with​


feel like they can’t bring up these issues with their line manager​


have considered leaving their job because of these challenges​

How We are Childfree can help

Our workshops create a safe space for non-parents and parents to identify opportunities to communicate and collaborate better, and our consulting services help ensure that your policies, benefits and language are inclusive of everyone's experiences.

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Support a culture of inclusivity, diversity and equality


Create an environment in which childfree people can thrive

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Reduce friction between parents and non-parents​

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.59.26

Encourage better communication, cooperation and collaboration

Improve employee satisfaction and performance ​

Increase employee retention

“As a woman ambivalent about motherhood it was wonderful to be reminded that any choice we make as women are the right ones, and we should find ways of sharing our experiences without shame or judgement. Women can support and cherish one another without being pigeonholed or classified.”​


Ready to work better together?


True, but what matters most is how childfree people feel about their workplace. Ask yourself, do they have reason to feel that parents are favoured in your company? What accommodations have you made for people who don’t or can’t have kids? If folks are feeling discriminated against, what if we could help you could clear the air?

But if one of the problems faced by childfree folks is that they don’t feel safe to speak up, how would you know? They confide in us that they fear their very real concerns won’t be welcomed in the same way as those of their coworkers with kids. So when it comes to your team, no news might be bad news!

Do you have money to spend on hiring and training new staff? Childfree folks tell us they’re ready to leave unwelcoming work environments, and you can help keep them happy and productive by opening up a safe channel of communication.

As well as being expert facilitators, we’re experts in how to create childfree-friendly workplaces. Our consulting can help you make your policies more accommodating for non-parents, design benefits that delight all your employees, communicate in language that’s truly inclusive, and more! If you’re ready to hear how to build a better business for all your employees, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.