The We are Childfree podcast celebrates childfree lives, one story at a time. Through honest conversations about human experiences, Zoë Noble spotlights the diversity of our global community and offers advice, support and hope for like-minded folks. Whether you're childfree by choice, circumstance, or just curious, this is the pod for you!

a huge thank you
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Your podcast has saved me! It has helped me realise that I am normal, I am strong, my thoughts and feelings are valid, and I do not have to feel ashamed that I do not want to have children.
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Grateful to have discovered your podcast this year. It’s one of the best out there about being childfree. You’re a great interviewer, Zoe. Can’t wait for new episodes to come out.
The best
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What a breath of fresh air to find a community who gets it. I have felt so isolated as more and more of my friends have children and change. This podcast has validated my ideas around being child free. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!
One of a Kind and Immensely Valuable
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Finally! A well edited, thoughtful, and insightful resource for everyone! A source of community and validation for childfree by choice people, an excellent source of “food for thought” for those considering having children, and a introduction to often overlooked or taboo topics for all others.
New Favorite
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I love child free podcasts and this one is my new fav. Wonderfully hosted and produced, I was caught by just the preview and each episode has left me with some kind of new perspective or gem. Thank you!
Never miss an episode!
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Zoe is a skilled interviewer who features a wide variety of people being very candid and generous with their stories. It’s been a breath of fresh air and a life line for me, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for the We Are Childfree community! I particularly loved the episode with Caitlyn Durante of the Bechdel Cast. Best podcast crossover ever 💕
Important, empowering and courageous. Can’t get enough!
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I’ve never had conversations like this with other women and I have to say I love it! I’ve never felt attracted to the concept of having children but had no idea I wasn’t alone in that inclination. Thank you so much for the outlet for these stories to be told. They’re important and inspiring!
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I haven’t decided 100% to be child free. However, I know I do not subscribe to the society’s standardized pathways for women. I find this podcast helpful in clarifying what that means, knowing that there are others like me out there and it also gives me the vocabulary to explain myself where necessary. The episode with Doreen has been my best so far, because I am also a Nigerian and I could relate with everything she said.
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Thanks so much for this awesome podcast and all your work! Finally, we get a voice... can’t wait to hear some more of all this great womxn.
I’ve been searching for something like this!
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For the longest time, I’ve been searching for more conversations around women choosing to be childfree and how their lives look as a result. I love the episodes so far, and the authentic conversations with incredible women, I’m looking forward to future ones! Thank you so much for this and making me feel less alone.
All of this!
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Only two episodes in and I’ve never felt like I’ve heard more people speak so accurately to the way I feel than the women who have been featured on this show. Being a Childfree teacher myself, I especially identified with episode 2. I’ve never written a review for any podcast before and felt I absolutely needed to leave one here. I hope anyone who has ever questioned becoming a parent or has never desired to do so, discovers this show!
Fantastic listening
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Easily my favourite podcast show, I truly look forward to the release of each episode. The interviews are always so varied and interesting - Zoe is a great host! So often I find myself agreeing out loud and laughing in the car on the way to work with the points discussed. I’ve always felt so alone in the strength of my feelings on being childfree and the reasons why, so it is such a fantastic, comforting feeling listening to inspiring women who share the same views. Thank you so much Zoe.
Just...thank you
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My friends are all starting to have kids and I’m feeling more like a minority with my child free choice. I appreciate this podcast and following you on IG because it puts into words how I’m feeling. I feel less self doubt knowing there are plenty of other women out there like me. I don’t feel I’m as much as an outcast. Thank you for your voice and bringing on other amazing women to share their stories on your show!
A much needed conversation!
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I love this podcast - I don’t know many child free women so hearing others tell their stories is reassuring, interesting & reiterates to me that I am making the right decision but also makes me feel good & excited about it! I think having children is clearly life changing but it’s also not an easy decision not to when you watch the people around you all move in the same direction & so this definitely makes me feel less alone. Thank you to those who share their stories & Zoe for creating ❤️

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Bonus Podcast: Ask WAC - Will I regret being childfree?

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Getting vulnerable, with Xander Marin

How a couple made the childfree choice together, and what it's meant for their life.