Childfree was chosen for me, with Sari Botton

A Gen X icon on finding the “permission” not to be a mother.

Episode 33

We are Childfree episode 33 Sari Botton


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Author Sari Botton calls her hysterectomy the best thing that ever happened to her, a true blessing. An older Gen Xer, she never felt entitled to choose not to be a mother, and at 40, found herself in a fertility clinic getting a diagnosis that gave her “permission” to live a happily childfree life. Sari has such a unique perspective, and it was amazing getting to talk about embracing a choice that was chosen for you, and the forces that want to strip us of our choices.

Check out Oldster Magazine, Sari’s incredible newsletter which explores what it means to travel through time in a human body, at every phase of life.

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