Get inspired! Representation matters, and we all deserve people to relate to, role models to look up to. Our beautiful portraits put a face to the movement, showing us out there living our best childfree lives.

Kate, Germany

“I’m really, really living for the first time.”

“I couldn’t have lived the hundred lives I’ve lived if I had a family.”

Blair, London

“Now I’m postmenopausal, it really is like I’m back to being 12 years old.”

Caroline, Montfort

“Don’t stress about biology so much.”

Jana, Berlin

“I feel that if I truly want to be happy, there's no space in my life for kids.”

Georgina, Berlin

“The way I provide value to society is through comedy, not children.”

Kat, Berlin

“Having so much time on my hands for myself was a dream I never thought I would have.”

Devi, Berlin