Every Choice comes with a Consequence

Regret, possible but not likely.

This week we wanted to share Endola’s words of wisdom:
“Will I regret or change my mind? I might or I might not. Every choice comes with a consequence, doesn’t it?”
We wish that everyone would go into every decision with their eyes open wide like this. Especially people deciding whether to have kids or not, no matter where they land. Being open to the possibility of regret can free you up to make the choices that are right for you, with a sense of positivity 😊
And not to burst Endola’s bubble, but chances are, she’ll never regret her choice. We’ve shared the stories of hundreds of childfree people, and heard the experiences of thousands more, and not one has ever expressed true regret. Maybe they’ve felt a wistful longing for what might have been, but never the “hot regret” of wanting to go back and do things differently.
We believe in giving people permission to change their minds, and the space to feel and express conflicted feelings about the path they’re on. (And we have plans for something that will help you work through those feelings and get to a place of peace 🕊️ More on that soon!)
But the truth is that people who feel comfortable making a conscious choice to be childfree don’t end up regretting it. Good news, right? 🙌

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