Designing Your Days

How do you find balance?

How do you design your days?

It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, and I’m curious how other people do it. How do you find the same balance as Laura, today’s storyteller? Have you filled your days with a mix of meaningful work and passionate pursuits? Do you even have the freedom to do so?

We’re fully aware that not everyone enjoys the same privileges as Laura and her husband Geoff. Hundreds of you have shared your stories with us, and countless others have messaged us with your experiences. Being childfree isn’t as free and easy as some mainstream portrayals, it’s not all double incomes and lounging on tropical beaches. We face a lot of the same pressures as parents… minus one or two little things that can make a big difference.

Getting to design your days is a luxury most parents don’t have. But, depending on your circumstances, you might have more time, space and money, and can choose to do with it what you please. We are Childfree eats up a lot of our waking hours, and to be fair, we let it! When you’re on a mission to change the world, hobbies and friends and family tend to take a backseat 😅

We’re still trying to make space for what matters, searching for that elusive sense of balance. Genuinely curious, do you feel like you’ve found harmony in your life? If you have, how do you design your days? 🎨

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