Leaving Berlin

...we're coming to a city near you!

Big news – we’re leaving Berlin!

But no, we’re not moving to Portugal as we’d (sort of) planned. Read on for the scoop on some major life changes and exciting We are Childfree updates…

You know how we’re on a mission to bring the global childfree community to life, and uplift your stories for the world to see? Well, we’re not going to do that by sitting still in one spot! Our dream is a beautiful coffee table book full of portraits from all walks of life, in all different places. And we’re finally taking the next steps to make that happen.

So next week(!) we’re headed back to England for a month or so before boarding flights to the US for the summer. When we return, we’ll drive back into Europe and roll from country to country, with no fixed base, just us, our dog, laptops and cameras. Along the way we’ll be sharing stories and hosting meetups, creating space for childfree folks everywhere we go. We’re really looking forward to meeting you!

We’ll be sharing more details soon, but if you’re in London, Los Angeles or New York, we’re headed your way! We’re also getting out of the cities and off the coasts, to places where openly embracing a childfree life can be more challenging – because everyone’s story has value. If you want to join us for a meetup, share your story, or think you might be able to help us on our mission, sign up for the We are Childfree newsletter for more updates.

It’s kind of surreal writing this. Berlin’s been our home for 12 years, and it feels like We are Childfree couldn’t have started anywhere else. It’s where we first realised we’re childfree, and where we first met people who felt the same way.

People who’ve shared their stories as shining examples of childfree lives well-lived, gathered around us at meetups, and become some of our biggest supporters and lifelong friends. We’ll miss you all so much and carry you in our hearts, spreading your message of hope across the UK, US, Europe… and beyond!

This kind of adventure would be impossible, or at least very difficult, if we had kids. As childfree people, our path is not defined for us, and we’re seizing the opportunity to create the life we want to live. It’s super scary taking a huge leap of faith like this, but we have a whole community of childfree folks behind us, inspiring us to jump! We’re so thankful for you – you’re all part of this exciting next chapter.

We’re going to be a little quieter on socials as we get rid of 99% of our belongings, drive Olive home, reconnect with family and regroup before our big adventure. But we’ll be back before you know it to let you know when we’re headed in your direction and how to get involved.

Stay tuned!

Photos by Zoë Noble
Words by James Glazebrook