“I just don’t feel it and I’m totally happy with that.”


Since I was a kid, I never had the feeling to be a mom. When my niece was born, 6 years ago I was wondering when I saw and hold her (I still do). I love her and her little sister and like to spend time with them. But I never had the feeling to have a little one myself. When I talk with my parents about this subject, they agree that they only know me with the wish not having a child of my own.

The feeling that I don’t want to have kids never changed and grows more (I didn’t know that was possible) when my boyfriend and I met each other. We talked a lot about being childfree and we are totally on the same line with this. I know this can be a hard way for some couples but we are blessed that we don’t have discussions about this subject. We are so happy together and love our life. We like to make adventures together, exploring the word and have a calm life so that we can do what we want to do. We have not the feeling that we did make a decision about being childfree, it is just not our way of living.

I have many reasons why I should not start my own family, the list is too long to share. A few reasons are; spending time and money on the things I love, the worries about the planet and that I don’t have the responsibility for a little person. I have to be conscious with how I use my energy and my boyfriend has a chronic illness, we don’t want to weigh those our self, although it’s not fair to another. But the most important reason is that I just don’t feel it and I’m totally happy with that.