“Society’s emphasis on biological bonds is a very limited view of love and life.”


As a child I envisioned myself getting married but never with children. I love holding babies but there is nothing about parenthood that interests me. I have always been more interested in romantic love, friendships and a loving community.

I saw my friends disappear into parenthood. Some confided in me saying that they loved their children but if they could make the choice again would have not chosen parenthood.

It still puzzles me that as a society we still think that parenthood is the normal path for everyone, because everyone wants this unconditional love.

As a society in general we put so much emphasis on biological bonds. Stating that these bonds are the highest forms of love. I find this to be a very limited view of love and life. There are so many people worldwide risking their lives for strangers. What a beautiful type of love this is!

Parenthood does not always equate unconditional love. Every day children are abused and most child victims are unfortunately still abused by a parent. Children deserve parents that really want them, love them and most important that are suitable to be a parent.

That is why I advocate for this childfree movement because we are the ones that can normalize a childfree lifestyle. Saying to society that it is OK to not want to be a parent.

My partner and I followed our dreams and moved into a rural area. And we have the time and energy to invest in ourselves, each other and build a community.