“I asked myself and my husband ‘how would our life be without a baby?’”

Veatriki, 37, UK

I am a Greek lady living in London, UK. I’ve been with my husband for the last 20 years!

I always remember myself wanting babies and I had in my mind that eventually we will have a child.

At the age of 21 I got pregnant and I was so scared although I wanted a baby later in life. I proceeded to an abortion because my priority was to go on holiday that summer and not to be a mum. My then boyfriend, now my husband, was so supportive and respected my choice. Family around us were either delusional and telling us that we can make it and we can be great parents, or not supportive at all.

A second pregnancy comes when I was 23 and without even thinking it and discussing it I had my second abortion. I panicked a few years later when I was 26 and my period was late but that wasn’t a pregnancy.

We moved in London when we were 27 and five years later we got married as we wanted to celebrate our love with a big party. I always had in mind that at some point we will have a baby but I was always getting stressed about the expenses and the changes we would need to make.

And then I asked myself and my husband ‘how would our life be without a baby?’ And our answer was less stressful, more money to spend and just us being happier! We are quiet and maybe boring people but we love it and we love our quiet life and each other ❤️