“I would have to give up my independence, freedom, and who I really am.”

Danielly, 29, UK

I grew up thinking I wanted to have kids, like most of the girls.

But when I started enjoying my freedom and liberty I also started to think what was the point of giving up on a lifestyle that was making me happy and complete.

When you have kids you automatically need to put yourself, your dreams and goals aside for years, you start to fear for how dangerous, violent and mean the world is. That was not something I was happy to think about.

Many people might think this is a selfish way of thinking, but I think when they say “you need kids so they can take care of you when you’re old” it’s even more selfish to just assume and delegate this responsibility on someone.

My husband and I have traveled many countries and lived in a couple of them. We love this freedom of suddenly choosing we want a new adventure somewhere else and this has contributed to much for our personal growth.

We got to see loads of new places, meet loads of new people, different cultures, languages and we have been building strong and happy memories of us living our best life. If we had a kid we probably wouldn’t have done all that, I would have to leave my job and I would have to give up on my independence, freedom and who I really am.