“The spot where my biological clock should be located is just a gaping hole!”

Jennifer, 54, USA

I grew up in a family with six kids, five girls and one boy. I am the fifth child and, as with many large families, I helped parent my younger sister. I think as a result of that experience and how I am wired as person, I never had a deep, burning desire to have a child. I like to say the spot where my biological clock should be located is just a gaping hole!

I married when I was 30 and I would have been happy to have a child, but that never happened even though we both got tested and no fertility issues were uncovered. Fast forward to my 40s, we got divorced and along the way I became the godmother to the children of two friends. I’m also very close with my new neighbors and their six-year-old daughter, whom I knew before she was even born.

This idea that a person has to have their own children to feel fulfilled? Perhaps that is true for some people but it’s certainly not true for me. I cherish the relationships with the children in my life but I’ve never truly wanted a child of my own and I still don’t.

I just turned 54 and I have zero regrets about remaining childless nor do I worry I will end up alone and uncared for. It’s possible to create family and community without children. I truly feel I’m living my best life.