“I believe we all have an individual journey, and that journey is divine.”

Jen, 42, USA

I am childfree, which enabled me to move beyond the treadmill of low-paying work and invest in my career as a writer and educator.

My mission is to empower other women to write their books, share their stories, and I came to this conclusion in part because I believe we all have an individual journey, and that journey is divine.

I’ve observed so many women who are change agents in their fields get good momentum in their respective communities, only to become lose themselves when they take on the motherhood role and the often-uneven burden of subsequent householder obligations. I’ve also witnessed women who did not want to be mothers mothering children due to expectation, only to lose their spark. I always knew, on some level, that I wouldn’t have children, and I believe that if I had children, I would have fallen into one of these camps.

My personal lifestyle has enabled me to be more empathetic to people and their personal journeys. I live my best childfree life by spoiling my pups, giving my husband extra love, and investing in my creativity via writing and teaching.

My hope is to be seen as a human who is inspired, inspiring and unique, rather than a woman who must be sad because she doesn’t fill a societally imposed role. Motherhood is beautiful for certain women. I cherish those journeys, but I also cherish what is less expected. Personally, I choose to birth stories and mother my community through (written) art, education and outreach.