“It took me a good portion of my life to learn to love.”

Lei-Lani, 50, Australia

Loving comes natural to most people. They don’t even know that they are learning to love. They are living an experience passed down from their parents, grandparents and relatives.

What happens to children who spend their childhood in fight-or-flight mode? Children from broken parents who do not know how to love? I found myself in this situation. I received love from one grandparent and the woman who raised me but male role models were missing.

It took me a good portion of my life to learn to love. By then the two loves of my life were gone.

I never yearned for kids. I yearned for the love of a man.

Kids may have been nice but I never longed for them. I wanted adventures, freedom and romance. Kids hardly cross my mind. I am a single woman who has had a lot of adventures. I miss the love and support of a partner but I never miss children.

Not having children is my gift to the planet.