“I keep waiting for ‘the day I’m going to regret this’.”

Patty, 67, USA

I’ve never actually wanted children. My best friend got pregnant right after high school and, to me, her life looked like drudgery. More like work, less like fun.

I wanted to go on to college, and I wanted to do something with my life. MY life.

My idea of a fun and interesting life meant I had to be free.

I’ve done so much and achieved so much without kids dragging me down. I chose to have dogs as companions, because 6 weeks of potty training is all I have the patience for. Plus, they’re FUN and loving and you can leave the house and they just sleep until you get home.

I’ve never lacked for male companionship. I’ve never married, but had three long-term relationships. The first, 22 years, the second was shorter because he passed away from cancer after 12 years, and now in a stable relationship with my third ‘fiance’ going on 11 years. They all ask me to marry them and I say ‘yes’, and then I ‘stall’. Oh, ‘later’, I keep saying.

Oh, commitment-phobic? Maybe. I’ve never gotten a tattoo, either, and I am a registered Independent voter.

I keep waiting for ‘the day I’m going to regret this’. Nah. No regrets. And, a really FUN life!