“Designer clothes covered in children’s puke? No thanks!”


As a girl, I tried to prevent getting the period by thinking ‘I DO NOT WANT THAT’. Of course I was not successful in the long run. The years passed, and my opinion remained, that having children would never be desirable for me.

Whenever friends told me they would be parents soon, I thought: OMG, the friendship will be over soon – at least it won’t be the same as before. I was always right.

Children-related topics are simply not interesting for me. I don’t want to spend time in sandboxes, playgrounds, at parents’ days, with them at their sport or music events. I don’t want to be their chauffeur. Relationships with men broke down, when I realized that he wanted children, not me. I don’t think that children are cute. Just the opposite: They make noise, mess and dirt, and I hate all that.

Could I travel in this manner and could I work with this intensity with children? Of course not! I like earning good money and spending it on things like designer clothes. Designer clothes covered in children’s puke? No thanks!

What deters me most is the role of a mother. I don’t like the idea of self-sacrificing mothers, who are always tired and always in self-made stress, because they fulfil all their childrens’ wishes. Which leads to ill-mannered children.

I feel terrific, because I decided not having children – because I ignored everyone’s opinion: in a good relationship (as I have) you must have children…? No! I already have too little time with my partner, and children would need even more of my time.