“This freedom gives me the ability to breathe and to heal emotionally.”

Jule, 32, Germany

I’ve learned the hard way that the traditional Western lifestyle isn’t for me. I had a toxic partner plus others around me who either hated having children because of the responsibilities and financial problems, or people who were blamed for being childfree.

Even my own mum told me a few days before my 30th birthday ‘become pregnant within 2 months or kill yourself’. She was dead for me for nearly 2 years after that. I had similar experiences with my former fiancé and ended up throwing my engagement ring in the next lake, leaving him and 90% of my possessions behind and moving 600km away. Best decision ever.

I’ve always known that I’m “different” and my grandma noticed it in the way I handled my cousin’s kids when I was a teen. Sadly she passed away before I could have an in-depth talk with her about that. Subconsciously I’ve known that I want to be childfree for half of my life.

For me living childfree is essential for my mental health. I decided to never, ever compromise on that after the fiancé issue. I think it enables me the freedom to become whoever I want to be in the most authentic way. I can travel, I can live as minimally as I want… This freedom gives me the ability to breathe and to heal emotionally.

For me being childfree is the most pure and authentic way of living.