“Coming to this realisation felt like such a weight off my shoulders.”

Kylie-Ann, 34, New Zealand

The first time I ever met someone who was in their 60s and childfree by choice, that changed my mindset forever!

I hadn’t always wanted to be childfree. In fact, when I was a teenager, I wanted kids young, so I could be a “cool mum”. Or that was my thinking back then anyways!

It wasn’t until I got a taste of travel, independence and freedom that I started to realise that maybe having children wasn’t for me.

I was in my late 20s and had been travelling around the world since I was 22. I was in Australia at the time and was taken to a friend of a friends house for a weekend away. They were a lovely and adventurous older couple and when I entered their house for the first time, I remember looking around and specifically noticing the lack of kids toys, photos of kids or anything that might show it was a family home.

When I asked if they had children I was told “no they didn’t want them”. That blew my mind! I never considered that people could just CHOOSE to not have kids. It was at that moment that I decided that this was the lifestyle I wanted.

It is now my mission to normalise being single and childfree, similar to your mission which is why I wanted to share my story. I decided I felt so passionately about this I wanted to become a happiness and mindset coach to help others who feel the pressure from society to live life a certain way.

Coming to this realisation felt like such a weight off my shoulders and I hope to help others do the same.