“I love my niece and nephew, but it was sad to see just how restricted my sister became.”


I have known that I don’t want to have children from quite a young age. I played with toy animals in the mud in my garden and made houses for little bugs. Never interested in being a pretend mum.

My decision not to have children solidified when my niece and nephew came along. I love them, but it was sad to see just how restricted my sister became. It was a noticeable moment when my family stoped being as close.

Knowing that you are responsible for shaping someone’s future in relation to absolutely everything is terrifying. It is such an unkind and cruel world I don’t think it’s fair to bring new life into this already overpopulated, struggling planet.

My partner and I are on the same level with this decision, and love spending time in each other’s company, exploring the world and being spontaneous. The thought of having children is so limiting to us.

I dream every night, but the one dream that I can honestly say is closest to a nightmare would be the ones that involve me having a child. I wake up with such an overwhelming relief and the comfort of knowing… it was just a dream.