“I worked in OBGYN and learned the hidden horrors of pregnancy and childbirth.”

Britt, 36, USA

I’m very content with my childfree life.

When I worked as a Medical Assistant, I worked in OBGYN and learned the horrors that society doesn’t talk about in regards to pregnancy and childbirth. This education allowed me to make the choice to become CF.

As a teenager, I never had the drive to become a mother. My dad was always so supportive and he wanted the best for me and my brother. I always felt like I was different.

Being childfree has allowed me and my husband to adopt rescue rabbits and giving them a loving home. I volunteer and read books. It’s a lovely life.

As I got into my 30s, I was diagnosed as Bipolar Type 2. I learned that maternal grandpa and mom had bipolar as well. It’s like everything made sense from my awful childhood with my mom (she was abusive and neglected me). It clicked even more that I didn’t want kids, as bipolar is a highly-inherited mental illness.