“I want to live life my way.”

Stephany, 31, Netherlands

Ever since I was young I’ve been career-oriented and saw my future as this career woman in a leadership position. Children have never been part of my dream and they never will. I used to feel ashamed of this, because society believes that women need to have children, that it’s our one duty in life. But I’ve gotten stronger in voicing my opinion in my thirties.

I want to live life my way. I like traveling the world, I like having the freedom of doing whatever I want, I like not having to spend my money on a child, I like excelling in my career without having to think about a child or sacrificing my career for a child. I just don’t see the benefit of having children and I love my life without them.

As a woman I am so much more than a baby-making machine and it’s about time society starts seeing it that way.